Some free resources to help your organisation, courtesy of Bottom-line Ownership and Management Services (BOMS):

An introductory article on self-employment, ownership, and management:

Published in the May/June 2012 edition of TableAus (the nation-wide journal for Mensa Australia, the high-IQ society).  Useful to any SME owner.  It covers what you're likely to do, the pros and cons of doing them, and some better ways of doing them.  Download HERE.

Carl's Master's paper on public sector efficiency:

Apparently the world's first collection, categorisation, and critical analysis of all the various factors that were identified as adversely affecting efficiency in the public sector. Download HERE.

Fortnightly "Business Thoughts" articles, written for the Business section of the Greymouth (New Zealand) Evening Star newspaper:

The first article covers warning signs of New Zealand's poor and worsening economy, and introduces this new series of articles (to help local Kiwis improve the situation). Download HERE.

The second article covers New Zealand's culture of management of "bottom-up" staff feedback, as compared to organisations in those countries that are more productive and competitive. Download HERE.

The third article covers the disadvantages when New Zealand firms jump to "do-it-yourself" and "number 8 wire" solutions - more often than overseas. It also introduces finding the most cost-effective way to go. Download HERE.

The fourth article covers the topics of market dominance and monopolies, Greymouth's CBD commercial tenancy market, and some pros and cons of the proposed new retail mall. Download HERE.

The fifth article covers New Zealand's and its West Coast's "brain drain": Its causes, and some of the ways that local organisations can help to reduce it. Download HERE.

The sixth article covers ways that entire civilisations have collapsed because they did not adapt correctly to changes, and some tactics for organisations to respond more successfully. Download HERE.

The seventh article is the first of three that covers Human Resource Management: The important benefits of management staff with formal qualifications, and of professional associations. Download HERE.

The eighth article is the second of three on HRM: The key benefits of having management staff with a track record of bottom-line improvements, and how to communicate that using the "STAR" technique. Download HERE.

The ninth article is the last of three on HRM: An introduction to minimising bias in staff selection, and how to pick the best qualified person for the job by using the "criteria matrix" technique. Download HERE.