Here are just some of the types of help that Bottom-line Ownership and Management Services (BOMS) offers your organisation:

Please note: These are profit-bearing investments. The cost of these services are more than repaid by your improved bottom-line. (e.g. In just the first three months as a GM, my annual wages were covered by the improvements I made. All the other improvements and tasks I did there were over-the-top benefits to them.)

Technical and Commercial Writing
  • Strong background in science, medicine, computing, and education.
  • Procedure manuals, operators' guides, service references, and forms.
  • Press releases, policy statements, reports, submissions, and adverts.
  • Training and assessment materials, and presentations.
  • Have strong skills in "making the complex easy to understand".
  • Significant projects are double-checked by a professional journalist/writer.
  • Desired reading levels ensured by "readability assessment" programs.
  • Website design and authoring. Please click here to see the templates currently available. (Note: Carl personally wrote the content of this BOMS website.)
Staff Development
  • Analysis of the organisation's skill requirements.
  • Assessment of current staffing competencies.
  • Design of ad-hoc and ongoing training systems.
  • Development of new training and assessment materials, or improvement of current materials.
  • Delivery of training and/or assessment, either on-site or off-site.
Temporary General Management
  • Also known as executive leasing.
  • For peak periods, owner/staff absences, and emergencies.
  • Availability depending upon current circumstances.
Part-Time General Management
  • For "in-between sized" firms, busy seasons, and mentoring of owner/manager.
  • Availability depending upon current circumstances.
Efficiency and Effectiveness Audits
  • Comparing your firm against standards and competitors.
  • Finding areas of excellence, and issues for improvement.
  • Also recommend, implement, and evaluate improvements.
Project Management
  • For improvements, expansions, and new creations.
  • As a team member or as a solo project manager.
  • New projects and project rescues.
Cross-Cultural Management Consulting
  • For overseas firms starting/operating in Australia.
  • For Aussie firms starting/operating overseas.
  • For preparation stages, new entrants, and established situations.
  • 23 years in Australia, 29 years in the USA, 4.5 years in New Zealand, and 2 years in Japan.
Systems Analysis and Design
  • Production, IT, office, data, and other systems.
  • Capable in quantitative-management and operations-research.
Research and Analysis
  • For a wide range of industries, fields, and applications.
  • Capable in technical, quantitative, and qualitative studies.
Information Technology Advocacy
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and (importantly) impartial.
  • Coordinate on your behalf, not sell you the equipment and/or services.
Records Management and Filing Systems
  • Electronic and physical systems.
  • Creating new quality systems, or resolving established problems.
From Bookkeeping to Financial Management
  • Depending on availability.
  • In coordination with your own in-house or external accountant.
  • Services similar to the ones above, but not specifically mentioned.
  • Please contact BOMS, to discuss your particular needs.