"Thanks, Carl. Your work on my marketing plan has really made a big impact on my business. I'll certainly be recommending you to my clients." Mark Schneider, Western Writer (commercial writing services), Perth, West Australia and Dunedin, New Zealand

"I have read your abstract (submitted to the NZ Government's 2025 Task Force) and find not one single point with which I can disagree.  …  The reasons that you identify are entirely consistent with my research." Tony Smale, Principle Consultant, Forte Management (business and economic development advsors), Blenheim, New Zealand

"Thanks for your assistance, both practical and conceptual. Your input, when Seriously Sorted was in its early days and short on staff, was critical to our survival. It is good to have someone with your depth and breadth of skills and experience to call on." Neil Budgen, Director, Exit and Succession Planning (business management consulting services), Wellington, New Zealand

"As well as lots of great advice on marketing, Carl has been a big help on my computer system... creating back-up drives and systems for my business." Lyndsay Wilcox, Owner, Balancing Books book-keeping services, Wellington, New Zealand

... and something to seriously consider ...
"Perhaps a crux of success or failure as a society is to know which core values to hold on to, and which ones to discard and replace with new values, when times change. In the last 60 years, the world's most powerful countries have given up long-held cherished values previously central to their national image, while holding on to other values." Jared Diamond - Pulitzer Prize-winner, professor of geology and physiology, and author of "Guns, Germs and Steel" and "Collapse"